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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New experiences

This trip has been a real eye opener for me and made me see the vastness of the world and all the experiences that it has to offer.  I tried lobster for the first time, swam in the ocean, went out of the United States, stayed up until sunrise for New Year's, and met so many new friends in Haiti and at Purdue.  I experienced what it like to be apart of the racial majority, which was a new experience and like seeing the similarities across the world.  Every time images of Haiti are shown in the U.S.A. they never show the beauty that it has to offer.  The people in Haiti were very welcoming and the smiles on their faces showed true determination.  I was inspired by the people's resourcefulness and meeting people who were the first to embark on new areas of study and those who founded new organizations; in a way we met real live pioneers! The way this trip has expanded me as a person is something I would never trade. I truly enjoyed this experience and value the people I spent it with; love you guys! 

I know that all sounded really cheesy, but hey it's true and it can't be worse than the song titles for Anthony's new Farm House album (lol) 

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