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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Favorite Things

This entire experience, as many have mentioned before, has been about new experiences, meeting new people, making connections, and in general developing (hopefully) some lifelong friendships. I can definitely say that during this adventure I have done all of those things and more. I will never forget the people that I met, the places that I saw, and the emotions that I felt throughout it all.

I developed some new things to call my favorite along the way. When we visited Morne Rouge orphanage, now that was my favorite.

When we met the students at UNAF and shared similar interests in songs, I can say that was my favorite.

Oh! When we walked the miserable path up to La Citadelle and got to enjoy the amazing view at the top; that was my favorite too.

Or when we got to see all of the accomplishments of the students at CTEAD! Definitely one of my favorite things.

The drive to the hotel, man, that was my favorite. I looked forward to that every single day!

Okay, so maybe I have a lot of favorite moments.... Favorite people..... Favorite memories.... A lot of favorites in general. It's hard to describe this trip in one single blog post. It's hard to tell you how this trip has changed me and the way that I view my life. There are no words to say how generous the people of Haiti were to us. There just aren't enough pictures to show you how beautiful this country is and how connected the people of this land are. This entire trip has been one of the best things that I've ever done in my entire life and I'm pretty sure the whole thing is going down as my most favorite thing so far!


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