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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My experience in Haiti

What an awesome experience! The trip to Haiti was such an eye opening experience. Before visiting the country we learned a lot about how the lack of infrastructure has affected the nation, but it didn’t truly sink in until we crossed the Haitian-Dominican border.

The people in Haiti amazed me. Even though many lived in very difficult situations and struggled to provide for their families they were such open and inviting people. I have a new perspective on life and feel very blessed to live in such a great nation. I have a new appreciation for the little things in life.

My group partnered with UNAF. We had the opportunity to learn how to use the resources that a traditional farmer would have to create a level aid. The university is working to teach the agriculture students practical ways to use the resources they have to work in agriculture. Overall we build great relationships with the students at the university and had a wonderful time getting to know them. I was also completely amazed with the generosity of all of our students. We collected, donated, and packed 104 textbooks which were given to UNAF to stock their new library.

Also on the trip some great friendships among the Purdue students were forged. I left the US truly knowing only one person and returned from Haiti with a new family. This experience has cemented us as a team with a passion to pass on our experiences to the next class to travel to Haiti.  

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