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Friday, December 28, 2012

Travel Day!

Hello All, 

Morgan and I started our travels with a 3am shuttle (on the 27th) to the Indianapolis Airport. After we arrived we set up camp by the American Airlines Ticketing Counter and began the task of securing room for the text books the class gathered in everyone's checked or carry-on luggae. The travel process went really well althrought the day. We had a five hour layover in Miami that gave us time to meet in our Teams and discuss the goals we have for our projects while we are in Haiti. 

I am on the CTEAD team that will be working with the technical trade school  during our time in Haiti. Our group wants to focus on building a stronger relationship with them as a partner so that we will be able to help them more in the future when supplying resources for class curriculum . We will also be working to have a better understanding of their current resources at the school and the student's educational backgrounds. Finally we will be facilitating a rain fall accumulation data keeping and record tracking that the EPICS Team at Purdue put together. After facilitating the lab we will work to understand what we can do to improve the lab material for future use. 

After meeting with our teams we took a quick dinner break and boarded the plane to Santiago, Dominican Republic. The flight went well we passed thru customs quickly and loaded onto our bus. When we got to the hotel we were welcomed with a tasty cold beverage and encouraged to relax. Our long day of travel ended with a wonderful dinner or Arroz con Pollo (Rice and Chicken) after we checked into our rooms.

 I am thankful The Lord was watching over our travels today and got (most) of the group to the Dominican safely. Our prayers are with Blue and Anthony as they finish there travels that were delayed due to weather and 
meet up with us tomorrow. 

P.S. I am posting this after a great breakfast at our first hotel. We have a three hour trip to the border and then will begin our joureny in Haiti! 
Hail Purdue, 
Creol Phrase of the Day: Alo, kòman ou ye? Hello how are you? 

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