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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hello from the Hampton Inn - Indianapolis!

One of the reasons I wanted to participate in this study abroad program to Haiti is because it is going to make me uncomfortable. Yes, a #SaysNoOneEver could go with this statement, but it really is true for me. I believe that staying inside of one's comfort zone will never allow for growth or maturing. My biggest comfort zone, or comfort bubble as I like to call it, is living in the United States. Here, I am blessed with so much that I don't even see those things as blessings; instead, I often just expect them. Here in America, I am spoiled, sheltered and most of all, comfortable. This is about to change...and I'm so excited about it!

My comfortableness has already been tested with this 'blizzard-like' weather. Myself and another participant are staying in a hotel near the airport to make transit to IND easier at around 4:00 AM tomorrow. I'm praying that our 6:30 AM flight to Miami will not be canceled. I'll take a major delay any day...just not a cancellation. Even before the weather, I was a tad bit uncomfortable when packing. See, I switched things up a bit. My 50 lb. checked bag contains nothing but things to give away at an orphanage we will be visiting in Haiti - t-shirts, hygiene products, toys and food. My 25 lb. carry-on bag has my own clothes and personal items for the trip...and it's not even all the way full. This is so not me! I am an extreme over packer, so I'm definitely worried about if I'll have enough of my "stuff." Again, another one of my spoiled thoughts.

Speaking of visiting the orphanage, I believe that this could very well be the 'agenda item' of the trip that I am most excited (and nervous) about. Though I'm not personally a big fan of kids, I feel that this could change after visiting the orphanage. That visit in itself could really be a life-changing experience. I'm one who begins with the end in mind, therefore, I can hardly wait to see how our minds, perspectives and hearts have been changed upon arriving back to IND on Friday, January 4th.

Until the time that we do safely return to the good ol' U.S. of A., please stay tuned to this blog to be up-to-date on our travels, safety and reflections.

Morgan D.

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