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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Night Before Christmas... I mean... Our TRIP!

Hello Friends and Family!

I am writing you from the Hampton Inn by the Indianapolis Airport less than four hours from when Morgan and I will travel to the airport and meet the rest of the class and begin our study abroad experience!

It is hard to forget the reasons I am going with the Purdue Animal Science Department on this trip to Haiti. I remember very clearly the "glow" my friends returned with after Christmas Break last year. These friends were apart of the first trip to Haiti and began a wonderful partnership with the same groups we are working with this year. After hearing about their experiences I found myself jealous that I wasn't apart of the trip and told myself then if the opportunity came up I would take full advantage of it! The opportunity came to me after giving a last minute tour of the College of Ag to an admitted student. As I ended the tour I was talking about study aboard opportunities in our college and Dr. Russell overheard me and asked me to fill a seat on the trip for this year. I gave it little thought, called my parents, and signed up! I felt like God had his hand in me being in the right place at the right time and I couldn't let the moment pass.

I am looking forward to learning about the current state of Haiti first hand. From that I hope to learn ways that we as a department and class can continue to help our partners even after our time in Haiti. I know that I have been brought up in a life that many are not fortunate enough to have. I have two loving (still happily married) parents that have provided and continue to provide opportunities for my sister and me. I have never experienced hunger, the anxiety of not having a home, or the tragedy of a natural disaster. God has truly blessed my life and I am hopefully that I will be able to return his favors to me by paying it forward to others.

I would be put on Santa's Naughty List for next year if I told you I didn't have any fears after signing up...or even tonight- because I would be lying. For starters I am worried that this winter weather will present challenges in our travel plans. I am most worried that time will run out before we are able to build a strong understanding of the partner's needs. I do believe though that this will fuel each of us to focus and work diligently to make a great impact with the resources we have.

I am ready to begin building relationships with the students and faculty members both from Purdue and from our partnering institutions! 

Until next time...
Orevwa (Goodbye)
--Laura Donaldson

Creole Phrase of the Day: Mwen pa konprann (I don't understand)

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  1. Hey team,
    I can't possibly begin to describe how incredibly proud I am of all of you for taking this journey to Haiti. I wish I could have been around a bit more to see you off, but I know you all have prepared as best as you could. Know that I will be thinking and praying for you all daily and I can't can't can't (yes, 3 times, no typo) wait to hear about the impact you all have on your hearts upon returning, and of course stories, pictures and the impact you leave in Haiti! You will leave part of your heart there. I have no doubt of that. Remember to be open-minded with circumstances, patient with each other (and Haitian drivers!) and most of all, be malleable. I know you all want to make a difference, but this experience will change you more than the people you encounter. I will be watching the blog intently for the next week. :) God bless! Amanda